Faculty Sponsors:
  1. Timothy Kelley
  2. Lori Soukup
Club Leadership:          
  1. Reid Simpson (President)
  2. Candidates welcome for VP and Entrepreneurship Advisory Counsel                                               


The Canyon Challenge 2014 - IDEA Business Plan Competition:

Congratulations to our 2014 Canyon Challenge Top 5 Finalists:  These 5 finalists will present their business opportunities to our panel of 5 distinguished judges including Ken Blanchard, Brian Mueller, Sheldon Harris, Lauren Bailey, Alan Lobock on March 27th at 1pm in the Babtist Church on 33rd Ave and Camelback  Congratulations to all our participants.  I want to encourage you all to continue to pursue your dreams even if you were not chosen as a finalist.  IDEA is here to help! 


iStudent   Nurse
Delux Sky   Productions
M Power Learning Group
Crazy Cheer   Mom
Kate and   Ali's Faith Food and Fitness

 Critical Dates:

March 27th - 5 finalists Present to the Judges and Audience (including Ken Blanchard as a judge!)


The Canyon Challenge is designed to bring out the best ideas within the GCU community and help make them a reality by providing the best plans with some startup capital. 

Grand Prize $7000

2nd Place:  $2000        

3rd Place:  $1000

Welcome to the GCU IDEA Club! We believe in a simple truth that, "innovation, development, and entrepreneurship change our world for the better."

We are a group of creative thinkers that provide a resource to all affiliated with Grand Canyon University to share, develop, and execute on their latest IDEA! Care to join us? Here's how:

    1. Click on the blue banner on the left titled 'Membership'
    2. Fill out your profile
    3. Attend our meetings
    4. Benefit from new found IDEAS, friendships, and opportunities

A Message from the GCU IDEA President:

Great to meet everyone! I hope that you're enjoying this Fall Semester, and got through the first eight weeks of classes alright. I participated in the Canyon Challenge last year, and took 2nd Place with Wild Horse Coffee. I am delighted to be your Club President this year, and it is my hope that I can provide you all with an increased amount of resources, tools, and collaboration to succeed this year. The stakes are rising, and I know the competition will only get tougher. Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime for assistance between club meetings. Looking forward to meeting you all, and hearing your latest IDEAS!

- Reid Simpson

OfflineJoshua ChristensenKate & Ali’s Faith Fo…
3 weeks ago
Best wishes with the competition!  You have a great concept!
OfflineTimothy KelleyUS Congressmen David Schw…
4 weeks ago
Sorry for the late notice but the Congressmen's visit has been canceled.  They are hoping to be able to visit later in the year.  Thank you, Tim
OfflineJames RutzThe Road to Wealth Creati…
5 weeks ago
Joshua, I am not so certain about your statement that, "True value added companies look at solving cultural and societal problems." in that I know many different value added companies that do not look at solving a cultural of societal problem. After…
OfflineJoshua ChristensenThe Road to Wealth Creati…
7 weeks ago
This is a great post indeed.  I do have to rebut something John mentioned in his response.  Financial ability does play an important role, but not whether something is possible.  Everything is possible to the one who believes.  Money to do is…
OfflineJohn GreenThe Road to Wealth Creati…
7 weeks ago
great post, & I couldn't agree more. The problem is the majority of people are afraid of risk, the financial ability of course also plays an important role as to whether it's possible for a business idea to become a reality or not but there are…
OfflineDaniel HandyCanyon Challenge PowerPoi…
8 weeks ago
I cannot believe I was 3 minutes late, and really hope I am still allowed to be considered. I apologize sincerely and profusely, I literally was working on the project up to the minute of turning it in.
Thank you all again for this opportunity. I…
OfflineAndrew BoozerFSS - Andrew J. Boozer.pp…
8 weeks ago
Please download to view transitions and animation.
Thank you,
OfflineJoshua ChristensenHow Many Online Partcipan…
2 months ago
I am an online student competing this year for the first time.  We're headed through to Round 2.  Wish us well and Prayers for success!  Thanks!  M Power Learning Group.
OfflineTimothy KelleyHow Many Online Partcipan…
2 months ago
Yes Alumni can participate.  We do not require members to identify whether they are online or ground but judging from some of the addresses I think we are probably over half online. 
OfflineGinger DorsettHow Many Online Partcipan…
2 months ago
I am an online student. First time participant. I forgot that we could apply as alumni

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