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Check out the new rules and dates for the Canyon

To all Entrepreneurship Students: These are things you must know and should be involved with!

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All Entrepreneurs must compete at Shark Tank to win a shot at the Canyon Challenge Semi Finals

Shark Tank Schedule: Every three weeks at 5pm starting in CCOB Lecture hall! 

    1. Tuesday September 13th, 2016
    2. October 4th, 2016
    3. October 25th, 2016
    4. November 15th, 2016
    5. December 6th, 2016
    6. January 24th, 2017
    7. February 14th, 2017
    8. March 7th, 2017
    9. March 28th, 2017
    10. April 4th, 2017

“The best way to secure a job after college is to make one.”

Things we do

  1. Canyon Challenge
    1. Once a year – April 13th – 4-6pm
    2. 5 other state wide business plan competitions offering cash and scholarships!
  2. Shark Tank- Canyon challenge
    1. Once every 3 weeks
  3. Lazarus lab
    1. GCU Incubator
  4. Lopes lab - Build your prototype with our 3D printers
  5. Canyon Angels
    1. Due Diligence Student Teams: Meets every Wednesday at 11:15 in the Lopes Lab 1-103, This is the greatest way to gain real world knowledge about how to raise money, invest in start-ups and work with real entrepreneurs and investors!
  6. Small Business consulting center
    1. Help GCU help the community around GCU – Students can volunteer and be a part of real businesses (Graduate Students Preferred)  
  7. Project Management Club
      1. 150 dollars for the class
      2. You can work toward your certificate in project management
      3. Contact Paul Waterman  
  8. IDEA Market Place (IDEA Tuesday)       First Tuesday each month                            
    1. Sell or promote your Product/ Music / Art / Service


Please feel free to reach out to me anytime!


2016 Canyon Challenge Live Feed Link:


2016 Canyon Challenge  $15,000+ awarded last year.

Ways to get involved:

  1. Pitch your idea at our monthly GCU Angel Shark Tank
  2. Work with other entrepreneurs to help them develop their businesses.
  3. Join Real Canyon Angel Investors research teams and help Real Investors decide where to put their money! 
    1. Weekly meetings required Wed 11am room 1-103 

A Special Thanks to our Sponsors:

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Internships with Entrepreneurs: Seed Spot

Each Friday the seed spot office on Thomas and Central (7th floor) has "Venture Friday with presentations from 12 of their exciting new Entrepreneurs that you might be able to work with.  All are welcome but there are limted spots so you must RSVP with

The New Lopes LAB is Open! 1-103

makerbot z18.pngWe now have a large 3D printer from Makerbot, If you have an idea that you want to create this is your chance to submit your idea. All students, faculty and staff are invited to test their creativity and innovation skills. You can download free software to create your own design at . Once your deisgn is ready then submit the file/image to with a description and why you want to build it and IDEA will select those ideas with the most community impact based on availablity. (printing is not fast and is best for prototypes, not mass production).

We want to help you make your purpose real!  Come be a part of the New GCU Maker Space Movement!

Come see the nerds and geeks in action!

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Faculty Sponsors:
  1. Timothy Kelley
  2. Paul Waterman
  3. Jon Ruybalid Esq. 
  4. Eduardo Borquez
Club Leadership:          
  1. Marcellous Hazard- President
  2. Catherine Xiong- Vice President
  3. Jacqueline Briseno - Event Planning and Logistics Director
  4. Connor Brinton- Marketing Director 
  5. James Gaston - Engineering Projects Director                                        

Membership - Click HERE

Become a member:

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Discover GCU

Thursday 4PM → 5PM Arizona
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Share you Ideas here!

All are welcome to share their ideas here in this forum. Build an audience- come to Shark Tank and Pitch at the Canyon Challenge.
OfflinePhoto of Ben Encinas, MBAExcel Spreadsheet help
Ben Encinas, MBA
4 months ago
Use the header in the Example, use the EOQ sheet to calculate optimal inventory you should hold at any given time, the goal of managing inventory is to hold just the right amount so you dont run out but you minimize the holding cost and the amount…
OfflinePhoto of Timothy KelleyCanyon Tradeshow
4 months ago
Sorry for the inconvenience but we had to reschedule the trade show for next month.  My bad as there was confusion about the times.  If you have product to sell contact us to make your reservation for Next Oct 4th at 5pm. 
Don't forget the Shark…

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