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March 28th 4-6pm @ GCU Arena

2018 Canyon Challenge, $15,000+ awarded last year.

Learn more about Professor Tim Kelley at: 

Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Kelley anytime!

Check out the new rules and dates for the Canyon Challenge:

  • In order to be eligible, each company will need to pitch at a Shark Tank and participate in a Market Place (online students: you may attend Shark Tank using Skype, no market place attendance is required) 
  • Every company that wants to participate needs to submit an Executive Summary by March 9th 2018  and pitch at Sharknado tank by 11am in Lazarus Lab.

Sharknado Tank Schedule: Every 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at 11am starting in CCOB 35-142 Lazarus Lab! 

“The best way to secure a job after college is to make one.”

Companies for this years competition:

1. Elroi & Men - "Bowties with purpose"

2. Prophet Insight - "Location based Data Analysis with Watson AI for small and medium sized businesses"

3. CheerFiz - "Energy drinks for Cheer teams"

4. Lux Board Rentals "Electric Long board and Scooter rentals"

5. Thoreson Watches - "Watches that give time"

A Special Thanks to our Sponsors:

Internships with Entrepreneurs: Seed Spot

Each Friday the seed spot office on Thomas and Central (7th floor) has "Venture Friday with presentations from 12 of their exciting new Entrepreneurs that you might be able to work with.  All are welcome but there are limted spots so you must RSVP with

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